ART 228: Design Methodologies

Student Work from ART 228: Design Methodologies

PROJECT 1: iTunes Cover Art

Students find a musician in need of a new visual identity. They create a typographic logo and original artwork for an iTunes cover.

PROJECT 2: Infographic

Students create an infographic poster and interactive infographic to visually explain a complex process or topic.

PROJECT 3: Service-learning

The class partners with a different non-profit organization each semester and designs material to meet their needs. The examples below from the Boys & Girls Club (BGC) are promotional campaigns for fundraising events. Each student designed an event logo, promotional poster, save-the-date postcard and digital banner ad. For St. Francis House, a local homeless shelter, students designed a new logo, stationery package and rack card. For the Greek Festival, students designed a logo, flier and other promotional material. For St. Johns Cultural Council, students designed fliers to promote their artist workshops. This project gives students experience meeting with and presenting to a client in the local community. READ MORE ABOUT THE BGC PROJECT

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