Springdale Outdoor

As a family owned and operated business since 1955, Springdale Nursery & Landscaping had developed an excellent reputation in Camden, S.C. The company operated a nursery and landscaping service, but decided to sell the nursery and start focusing on high-end residential and commercial clients.

Talk, Inc. was hired to help reposition the company in the marketplace through branding and communications strategies. In addition to establishing a visual identity for Springdale Outdoor, the owner was looking to engage his employees in the company’s strategic planning process. Talk planned and moderated an employee retreat to help Springdale Outdoor define their mission, vision and core values.

The first step in the development of a new brand for Springdale Outdoor was discovery research. In-depth interviews with the management team gave us a better feel for the company’s personality. A competitive analysis provided insight into how Springdale could differentiate itself in the marketplace.

We synthesized the research findings and began developing concepts for the new visual identity. Talk realized that both the logo and tagline needed to capture Springdale Outdoor’s “can do” spirit and its desire to grow into a company beyond simply landscaping.

BEFORE & AFTER: The existing logo (left) and the redesign (right)

The chosen logo symbolized growth and opportunity. The chosen tagline, “Outside Your Expectations”, communicated that this was not your typical landscaping company.

We designed corporate stationery, print advertisements, a promotional DVD and the company website.

Springdale Outdoor launched their new brand at the Colonial Cup in Camden, S.C. As a major sponsor, Springdale Outdoor had a beautifully landscaped tent decorated with the brand colors. Banners touted the new logo and tagline, and branded gifts, such as koozies, molded chocolates, cups, mugs and DVDs, were available for guests. The event was a great opportunity for current and prospective customers to meet the new Springdale Outdoor.

The launch of the brand was a great success. The Colonial Cup put Springdale Outdoor in front of their target audience in a social setting that invited conversation. Their professional look gave employees added confidence when interacting with guests. The promotional DVD made its debut on a wide screen tv, and consequently, Springdale Outdoor handed out 150 DVDs during the event. We also distributed a press release to local media, announcing the launch of Springdale Outdoor’s brand.

In 2007, the Springdale Outdoor stationery package was honored with a Silver ADDY award by Coastal Carolina’s chapter of the American Advertising Federation.

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