The Port Authority

The Port Authority of Allegheny County (PA) wanted to redesign the 28X Airport Flyer bus schedule.

I first tested the existing schedule with bus riders to discover issues and opportunities. Three major problems surfaced during this initial research:
1. Disconnected information
2. Over-sized paper
3. Small text

I then conceptualized a design based on my research findings and created a user-friendly bus schedule for the 28X.

28X Inside
28X Bus Schedule – Inside
28X Outside
28X Bus Schedule – Outside

During user research, I discovered the following design opportunities:

The timetable and corresponding map should work hand in hand, however, they were on opposite sides of the bus schedule. Participants from the user testing were constantly flipping and rotating the paper to connect the information. I wanted to present the map and timetable on the same side of the schedule, so users could easily find information about traveling on the 28X.

The current schedule unfolded into an oversized document but the text was extremely small, making it difficult to use the information. I wanted to rework the document into a z-fold and make the text legible from an average reading distance. To achieve this goal, I simplified the information and paid close attention to typography. While a prototype was shared with a small group of users, I observed how each person interacted with the schedule. I then incorporated their feedback into my final design.

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