Eye Foundation

The Eye Foundation, a non-profit organization for eye health, had a new CEO who came to 2nd Road (the Sydney-based design firm where I was employed) for help with the construction of a strategic plan and development of a new visual identity.

We met with members of their target audience–professionals in the field of Ophthalmology–to gather feedback on the organization’s vision and mission. The insight gained from research shed light on many of the challenges facing the Foundation, but provided a strong direction for the communication strategy.

This diagram visually explains how the organization could achieve their vision

Since the history of Ophthalmology was an important part of their identity, the brand’s visual language incorporated illustrations of antique medical instruments and imagery to communicate the Foundation’s desire to fund research and aide projects on a local and global scale.

The new logo (shown below) was launched at an annual congress and received rave reviews. Since then, the Foundation has formed several strategic alliances and funded a number of projects throughout Australasia.

I conducted research interviews, led a workshop to debrief the research with the client, presented synthesized findings and provided creative direction for the logo, stationery suite, bequest brochure and annual report.

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