SEAHEC is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the quality of healthcare in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina by providing training, education and resources to healthcare professionals in the area.

When I worked at Talk, Inc., we were hired to develop a long-term marketing strategy to broaden awareness of SEAHEC’s mission.

The first step in developing a marketing strategy was to analyze the identity of the organization, then known as Coastal AHEC. By interviewing key executives and surveying staff, we determined that the name Coastal AHEC and its identity were not effectively communicating the mission or importance of the company as a community asset. We then lead a series of strategic planning workshops with the client to redefine the mission, vision and core values of the company.

After synthesizing information gathered during the research phase, we designed a logo and tagline that gave SEAHEC a strong visual identity. With the umbrella logo in place, we saw the need for a well defined brand architecture that illustrated the complexity of the organization, its sub brands and two brand extensions. Talk also created an informational brochure, employee newsletter and brand guidelines to help the organization consistently apply the brand.

The branding campaign resulted in a cohesive identity for SEAHEC that more accurately reflected the mission of the organization.

SEAHEC launched the brand internally first and then externally by distributing a press kit to media in the area. The launch proved a success with employees embracing the new identity. Externally, SEAHEC garnered local attention with an on-air interview on WAAV radio; the press release ran in multiple local papers; a bylined article in North Brunswick Magazine; and inclusion in WWAY’s Cape Fear 2020 segment.

My role in the process:
I planned and co-facilitated client workshops, visualized research findings and provided the graphic designer and copywriter with creative direction.

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