NM3407: Information & Publication Design

Student Work from NM3407: Information and Publication Design

PROJECT 1: Visual Model / Infographic

Students were asked to think of a complex process, problem or information space that they would like to visualize in a creative way. They considered how metaphor, symbolism and analogy could be utilized in their visual models or infographics. The final output was an A3 poster for a clearly defined target audience.

PROJECT 2: Map Brochures
Students were asked to plan a weekend vacation (‘three perfect days’) for a classmate. After interviewing partners about their travel preferences, students chose a destination, researched the area, and developed content, including an action-packed itinerary. They plotted the location of these activities on an original map. This project encouraged students to focus on connecting information and communicating it in the most useful, usable and desirable way for their partner (the end user).

PROJECT 3: Magazine Design
In groups, students considered various sub-cultures or communities in need of a publication to unite their interests. Teams developed magazine concepts for their target audience, from naming the publication, to establishing the look and feel, to producing a printed mock-up. Each student designed a magazine cover and a feature article, paying careful attention to text elements. The class voted to determine the winning covers. Work from one student is shown below.

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