ART 204: Image Studio

Student Work from ART 204: Image Studio

PROJECT 1: City Poster

For students’ first project in Adobe Illustrator, they create a poster to promote a city as a destination.

PROJECT 2: Personal Brand

For students’ second project in Adobe Illustrator, they create a typographic logo and business card.

PROJECT 3: Film Poster

For their first project in Adobe Photoshop, students composite images to create a film poster for a book adaptation.

PROJECT 4: Digital Surrealism

Students create an original photo montage in Photoshop and present it on screen as an animated GIF.


In the past, students have developed concepts for visual narratives. For that project, they create original character designs, digital storyboards and a promotional poster in Adobe Illustrator.

Another previous project in Adobe Photoshop involved students using parts of photographic images to form letters for a typographic poster.

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