Student Work

Please click the links below to view samples of student work from each course.

At Flagler College, I teach the following courses:
ART 204: Image Studio
ART 228: Design Methodologies
ART 229: Branding
ART 335: Web Design Studio
ART 340: Motion Graphics
ART 435: Interactive Design Studio
ART 492: Independent Study
ART 495: Design Portfolio

In the past, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching a range of courses related to art, design and communication at James Cook University, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and High Point University.

COM110: Human Communication
NM1102: New Media & the Creative Economy
NM1401: Introduction to Graphic Design

NM1402: Design for Media Communications
ART 203: Computer Graphics I
NM2102: Connecting the Creative Arts
ART 233: Graphic Design I
ART 303: Computer Graphics II
NM3401: Interactive Media Design
NM3407: Information and Publication Design
COM375: Communication Ethics
COM 460: Desktop Publishing


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