I really enjoy the process of creating a unique visual identity for an organization, from learning about their industry to implementing designs at various touchpoints.

Early in the process, I focus on ‘problem finding’ and discovery research. This can take many forms: talking to a client about their current situation, mission, vision and core values, conducting a competitive analysis, and doing visual research. After sketching ideas and exploring typefaces, digital comps are created. I try to present clients with a range of options during the first round of proofing, as seen in the examples below (created for the Conquistador Festival).


Once initial feedback has been gathered, then the logos are narrowed down and a few of the designs are refined. This may include cleaning up artwork, exploring color options, and adjusting the composition. After the logo is approved, then it’s finalized and brand guidelines are developed. Here are some logos that I’ve worked on.


Recently, I’ve been doing animated versions of final logos. These motion graphics are created in Adobe After Effects. Here’s a reel of animated logos that I put together.